Trimming down content folder for build


i’m trying to get the size of my game build way down so I’m going through the starter content I’d included in the project a long time ago and deleting what I don’t think I need any more. This seems like the wrong way to go about this as everything seems linked to something else.

Is there a sort of “best practice” in doing this? I ended up using a few particle simulations from the starter content and like one texture…there is so much other stuff and sometimes when I delete it I start getting errors on startup. It’s hard for me to tell what I need and what I don’t. I know I should have copied the stuff I wanted, been more organized…but this project is a learning one.

Or does the stuff you’re not using even get included in the build?

Thanks for any pointers!

When you just use some few assets from the starter content -> just move those single assets into your own folder and then delete the entire starter content pack or just recreate everything after you have deleted the folder.

Beside that I think there is no other good way to do it :frowning:

cool thanks for the help! i’ve done that now. how do i get the starter content folders to stop regenerating every time I start up? i changed bAddPacks=False in defaultGame.ini…but it’s still popping up. also - do those tutorials get included in the build? should one delete them all before building?