Trimdek Cladding Material


I’ve gone through most tutorials, and having some problems trying to re-create a material with a large bumping map that looks like
a steel wall cladding with a Trimdek profile, like so -
I guess what I’m after is if anyone has created one, how they did it, or a quick little guide on how this can be achieved?
The bumps stick out about 30mm, so it is quiet bumpy. I want to do this to cut down the model size and loading times of my models, you see
each sheet is modelled into my Tekla program and it pretty much kills Unreal Engine on import.
It would be awesome if it could be possible to add tek screws onto the material too?

Anyway thanks in advance.

Have you tried a normal map?

Here. Have one.

How closely will you be to the object? How many polygons does your current model have? I think a combo of a fairly low poly model and some normal mapping work well.