triggering blueprint from widget

i need help :frowning: i’ve been trying to figure this out for whole day. i just can’t seem to trigger the ‘note on’ in my blueprint from the ‘hover on’ event in the widget. ive tried dispatching, casting, creatingvariables everywhere, attempting global variables etc. i’m soo lost. cause its sooo easy to do it from level bp, but no way of triggering from widget.

if you have any ideas how i could rework the system, please :(((

Make a widget call function in a blueprint you making, or simply place the code you trying to do inside the widget itself, i mean it suppose to make noise when you hover over the button so i think it should be together with UI code.

Now you need a refrence of object created from that blueprint, you didn’t said what class that blueprint is based on, there many ways to access speciifc objects, but if you spawn that object yourself you gonna have refrence of it at the output of SpawnActor.