Trigger particle system after random delay?

Hey everyone! UE4 noob here, have a question for you. I’ve got a particle system (a lava burst) that I want to have trigger at random in UE4. Is there a way to do this using a blueprint? I know I can set the particle system to loop with various lengths and delays, but what would be preferable is to have the particle system triggered after a random period of time. This way I can take the several variations I’ve made of the lava burst and have them cued randomly across the level without being so consistent (like in the particle system, having a 10s delay and then cueing again, it will look like it’s an obvious loop). But if I could have them trigger at random (even within a few seconds of the previous one) that would help make things more unpredictable!

I know in the new Sequencer Beta you can set a keyframe to trigger an already-spawned particle system, hoping I can do the same with a blueprint and actor but yeild a truly random result.

Thanks so much!!

If you look in the learn tab of the launcher there is a download called content examples. in it open the Particle intro map it has a example of how to do this with blueprints