Trigger issue on HMDLocomotionPawn

Hello everyone,
first post here so a little intro: working on a small VR application (currently for Oculus + gamepad, no touch controllers) and using the VR template included in U4E v4.14: it’s working great.

Question is the following: i placed a TriggerBox in the main level (see attached screenshot of the blueprint), so i can trigger a sound (or any other event) when the player enters the TriggerBox volume, but it gets triggered by the locomotion circle icon when the player gazes at the area, which is not what we want. What i want is to get it triggered just when the player actually teleports in the volume. I thought i could reference the Camera inside the HMDLocomotionPawn but i can’t seen to find a way to do it. Any help is really welcome :slight_smile: