Trigger in place Explosion with line trace

Hi Guys,

i have a Sphere Trace by Channel and after it hits the BP Geometry Collection Component (after fracturing) it should explode.
I tried to apply damage after hit and add impulse at location to let it explode but none has worked for me.

I just want a BP Barrel (with fracturing) to explode on spot after got hit with trace channel.
Thanks for any answers.

Hey there @DschimSane! Welcome to the community! I’ve got a handful of resources that can help you accomplish your goals!

Disclaimer: One or more of these links are unaffiliated with Epic Games. Epic Games is not liable for anything that may occur outside of this Unreal Engine domain. Please exercise your best judgment when following links outside of the forums.

First a thread to show off how to setup a line trace for pure damage, not quite the explosion but you can use the resources after this to set up an explosion that causes fracture damage:

Next, a tutorial series on chaos that goes into creating an explosive that causes fracture damage and impulses:


All you’d have to do is take the trace hit location from the first thread, and call an explosion how either of those videos do and voila! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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