How to add damage to destructible mesh using linetrace?

I’m trying to trigger destructible mesh from a line trace, but having no luck.

First off, I used this “tutorial” in the docs:

Destructible mesh works like a charm when using the original first person shooter example weapon, but I can’t seem to get it to work with weapons that uses line trace. The line trace hit doesn’t seem to trigger the OnComponentHit-node I’ve set up in the destructible BP (as per step 12 in the above link, then I’ve added another CastTo for my own projectile BP connected to the “cast failed” output from the previous CastTo). But I put a print string right after the OnComponentHit-node, and it doesn’t print anything on line trace hits.

I know there’s a messy workaround: Spawning a collision mesh right at the end of the line trace, but this seems messy. Isn’t there a way to get traceline to trigger the OnComponentHit event?

Hello Ligzt,

I’ve created a project where I set up a destructible mesh and was able to destroy it with both projectiles and a line trace. What I did for my line trace is add a Right Mouse Button event in my Character’s Event Graph and have that fire off the line trace. Have a look at my blueprint and attempt to recreate it and see if that gives you the result you’re looking for. Hope that helps.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

Thank you!

I had solved it in a different way, but your way is much cleaner. Thanks!

Me too!! Thank u!! i solved my problem too!!

Hi I know I’m 5 years late to this, but I’m trying to make this work, and it doesn’t. I literally copied everything step by step and my oncomponenthit still doesn’t trigger. What can I do?

Was just trying to figure this out today, works perfectly, thank you!