Trigger box animation help


how can i do things like this? so walking and let things happen like in this video. i thought about using a trigger box to start and end animations,
or is there an other way to do it?
please help me how to set it up!

I personally would just place triggers into the level - when the player overlaps with them a matinee sequence/a particle system/… is activated. When you use matinee you have to do it in the level blueprint otherwise you can also use actor bp’s which you can place into the level :slight_smile:

Wow , greate game (toys with full emissive area light Mian :heart: :heart: :heart:), i alway love Silent Hills, impressive, with my favorie actor Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) :o

Maybe a bit of BPI blueprint interface interactions
player overlaps trigger actor BP that triggers another BP trigger animation again & again…
try it and tell us

oke thanks, i will give it a try, if you know some tutorials please let me know :wink:

yeah silent hill games are great !
oke i will try it later because im busy lately,
if you know some tutorials dont wait and let me know ! :slight_smile: