Tried creating Ghibli-esque volumetric cloud in UE4.26

So I tried creating fluffy Ghibli-esque in my lunch time, after completing the install of 4.26 Preview 1. It’s still rough on the edges mainly because I did this in 55 minutes of messing around with this miraculous feature, but I’m exploring to see more of what can I do with it, even achieving dynamic open world sky with it while retaining stylised look like this.

I am very surprised to see how light on performance 4.26’s volumetric cloud is, considering how expensive it is to render volumetric clouds in 4.25. I achieved around 50 FPS in 1080p with a measly GTX 750 Ti, and near solid 85 FPS in 720p. This doesn’t take game assets into account, but practically the overhead is very cheap, almost free on performance.

I would theorise that hardwares as powerful as Nintendo Switch will be able to pull this off in 720p 30 FPS even in Portable mode.