Triangle Shadows on Landscape


i have a question about the shadows , when i let my Sunlight (Directional light) be Movable (Dynamic light) , i’ll get triangle shadows somewhere on my landscape

like this picture :

does anyone know how can i fix this problem? , or the only way is to let that area more smoother?

The only thing you can do is to use a larger scale macro normal map that introduces larger details to the landscape. Mix that with the normal map you have now.
Think of a normal map that has shapes that are larger than the size of a single triangle of the landscape mesh. That should break up the form a bit so the triangles aren’t that noticeable.

Do what jonimake said, or if you don’t want to add that kind of roughness to the terrain, just throw some meshes on there to make the transition a little softer. Maybe some icy rocks or something.

you can make the scale of the landscape smaller and use the smooth brush on it.