Tri-Planar/XYZ projection cost vs TLUs?

Hello all I’m just looking for a little bit of clarity on triplanar projection and the xyz premade function. I wrote a material function loosely based off the 3way world projection premade function so that I can essentially utilize all of my masks and noise generators better than making each and every texture unique. It heavily utilizes absolute world position to mask out r+b, r+g, and b+g separately for the masks and textures that I am using. This works absolutely fantastic for flooring and ceilings as well as walls and static objects that can utilize reused materials and resources. My main question is how much would all this affect the cost of processing power or GPU power compared to just a normal material with 4-7 TLU’s and maybe a total of 50-60 instructions for setting up and tweaking other variables? I know the shader complexity view is very helpful but can be misleading when it comes to pure instruction count. For instance a shader with 7 TLU’s and 53 operators or instructions will be cheaper than a shader with 14 TLU’s and 46 operators or instructions even though the engine will just see the same instruction count.

Right Now I’m am using
-1 2K normal map
-5 1K normal maps
-6 1K RGB masks
-5 2K noises
-3 2K diffuse maps

Those take up a grand total of 36 MB but using world space projection I’ve been able to make a few base materials and 27 material instances and have every single architectural piece of my world in progress, which is a single mulit-storied building ~19 rooms, textured. I get more detail than I would making 4K or even 8K UV projected textures and I haven’t noticed a hit in performance at all but all my PC’s I own aren’t exactly what you’d call slouches.

I would just like to know if I’m on the right track texturing. I’m going to reuse textures as much as possible for just about every item, and I expect world space projection to be a pretty big part of common materials my objects will use, I’d hate to get so far and realize I may have been building myself up for failure using too much of it.