Trees and rendering?

So I downloaded the Essential Tree package thats for free here. I am curious in how to use these properly. DO you import them and then create your animation or do you import them and build the lighting again and then animate? I noticed building the light maps again after importing trees, they come out dark, the textures are there… just darker than most of the scene… How are you suppose to use these? Also … question applies to the grass too. seems to me just importing them is just fine.

hmmm… noticed the shadows are different pre bake and post.

Anyone has any idea?

before you bake lighting, it uses preview shadow, that are basically just dynamic lighting. if you have any settings different from the tree pack when you bake, it will look different because its baking what it sees in **your **level and using your levels settings
all this info is in the docs

Ahh I see. Thxs for the link… will dive in. :slight_smile: