Trees and Grass on Grass Material


I want add trees and grass on my map, but my map is layered (rock/grass) and I want to add grass on my grass material.

How can I do it ?


PS : else, I have this post too…

Hello chlamy,

What you will need to do is set up a layer blend material. Then you assign this material to your landscape. Lastly you will add a layer info node to your layers in your landscape layers.

After doing this you will go to your foliage and assign it to the name of the layer you want. For instance, if you called a landscape layer grass you will assign the foliage to be painted on grass.

This will help you set up the layer blend.

Thanks you !

With your help, I find some tutorials for this. But I have a small difference…

I have this…

And I can’t use this

How can I create grass just on “Herbe” and not on “Roche” ?