Tree light

I have a tree on stage, the overall light is good, the tree is good (it’s movable object) and shadows are dynamic, but the tree itself can not put Lightmass resolution because it is not static. Lightmass can be added to the tree?

You can’t use static lighting with dynamic objects

as getting good then improved in the tree shadows … with the material ? with the vertex paint ? improving tree in SpeedTree ? changing options in the editor?

Do you have an issue with using Global Illumination? Are you going for some sort of ArchViz scene?

Wait a second. You can tick “Light as if static” in the object properties.

I’ve only made one tree in Speedtree, and I had some errors as well. Make sure you are using the material that they make for you, with the double sided nodes that feed into normals. Speedtree makes their normals a bit weird and my tree had one quarter of it direction darker than the rest always relative to world.

I think archviz issue is subject to change things the editor .ini not ? I do not want to touch anything. I just want to know if it’s SpeedTree or material or know that the tree , grass , change to more “real” . or it is a matter of config editor?

Try to click on your tree and right in the details panel search for “light as if static”. Or scroll down to Lightmass settings and you should find it.

When activated light as if static in tree, the shadow no moment. :frowning: