Tree leaves disappear at a distance


I’ve been working on a project for several weeks and I’m fairly new to UE4. I’ve been having problems with tree’s and that once I’ve move away from the tree it’s leaves start disappearing more and more I move away. I want them to be fully shown as it looks silly when you approach the tree very closely and it appears fully. I’ve looked around to see if anyone else has this problem and I can’t quite understand how to fix it. I heard a suggestion of altering the Mip Gen to no mip maps but that didn’t work. I’ve been using SpeedTree.

Here’s a video of the problem, any help would be appreciated.


It looks like you just need to adjust the LOD on that tree a bit. It’s hard to tell from your video exactly what is going wrong, but you can find the documentation on editing SpeedTree LOD here: lod [SpeedTree Documentation]

Also you may want to tweak the lod bias on the main texture a bit inside UE4.

That helped a lot, I managed to stop the disappearing. Thank you very much!

Hi, which settings did you end changing? I tried fiddling with the MipMaps, and the LOD itself, but my leaves are fading into oblivion even in LOD0. I guess the settings must come from SpeedTree LOD?

I will try and adjust those a bit and see.


The question above was concerning geometry LOD. But if you’re seeing leaves go away without geometry LOD happening, then you’re probably seeing the effects of mipmapping blurring the opacity channel and making tiny leaves disappear.

There are a couple settings you can change to affect this in UE4, but I’ve had good luck just setting the min alpha on the diffuse/opacity texture to 0.1. That’s below the cutoff threshold so it doesn’t affect things up close, but it’s enough of a bump on the low end to prevent tiny leaves from getting eaten away so much when the mipmaps are made.

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Thanx! I shall give it a go!