Tree\ Foliage Optimization

During development of this project I’ve been working on I’ve found myself constrained to frame rate issues due to the shader complexity of these trees. I don’t have much modeling experience. Anyone know a good learning source or method to make these less taxing on the games frame rate? They aren’t a problem on their own, but once their lined up on front of each other performance begins to drop.

Those trees actually appear to be fairly optimized already in terms of overdraw in the shader complexity. The issue you will experience with the trees when they all line up is referred to as overdraw, when transparent faces render behind other transparent faces. The engine has to work harder to figure out the order to render these transparent faces, and so thats when performance gets impacted.

The most common method of reducing overdraw is to increase the polycount slightly on the branch/leaf cards to cut out as close to the alpha as possible, removing unwanted empty transparent space. There is a trade off though once you start getting too high poly with the trees that it becomes expensive again.

Enable mask material only in early-z pass in project settings. Enjoy.

Thanks. It’s working way better now. I’m at 70 FPS now. My only issue now is when packaged it always open in full screen and also full screen cuts the FPS in half. Gonna be looking into that now.