Transparent Splash Screen ?

I am currently trying to set up a circular Splash Screen for my game. I would like to get a transparent background going and was wondering if this was/would be possible with UE4 ?
Note : I have saved it as a 32bit .bmp with an alpha channel.

Same Question/Request.

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I ended up having some free time and it was a bit more complicated than I stated above. You must use PNG files and you must use layered windows and you must call the UpdateLayeredWindow() function.

The other big gotcha is that you cannot draw text on the WM_PAINT’s hDC, you have to draw the font on to a separate bitmap and then merge the two bitmaps together using BitBlt.

I also enabled the fading in as Epic has for their standard window.

I’ve now added the shadowing back into Epic’s text. So, I hope you guys know I was kidding about charging you all for this right? There are a few other issues to resolve, mainly with Epic’s Editor code, but who wants this?

Come and get it: [WindowsPlatformSplash][1]

Just put that file into this location: Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Windows

Then put your EdSplash.png and Splash.png files into {Game}\Content\Splash folder.

Rebuild engine source/your source and enjoy!

OK, editor issue fixed, but there is a problem, either Epic will have to use only PNG or only BMP without alphas. The way their code is structured right now only allows us to use one or the other. For now I have it hacked so that we can use PNGs and if there is a PNG in the directory then it will load that one in the editor instead of the BMP. But if there are only BMPs then you can only use BMPs. So if you want to set a PNG with alpha you will need to create them and manually move them into the directory as indicated in this answer. This file will fix the editor so that it will show the PNG or the BMP depending on which one it will use. Enjoy!


doesnt work

Your comment is lacking sufficient details to prove it doesn’t work as the pictures above clearly show it is working with 4.7.

Same here.

Didn’t you see the answer below? That is how to do it and yes it requires a skilled programmer to do it.

First, thanks for your contribution, that’s nice.

“and yes it requires a skilled programmer to do it”

this is not about your code, it’s about getting a fairly standard feature implemented in a straightforward way by the Epic development team in the release builds. I don’t think anyone expects to have to build the editor from source to have a transparent PNG displayed… transparent. Again I don’t want to sound unappreciative, but this needs to be solved in such a way that when you put a transparent image in the slot, it’s displayed as it was intended. perhaps a pull request from you? It’s in Epic’s best interests to pay attention to these issues. Games with transparent splashes are going to reflect positively on the engine. The easier it is to accomplish that, the more it will be done.


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Yep and I agree with you, the code is here, they can integrate it quite easily and fix the slate stuff on their end to work with both PNG and BMP files, but frankly I’m working full time on Squad and I don’t have the time to contribute anymore to this. I wish I could but it would be the bottom of my priority list as we are not using it in Squad. But I did all of the heavy lifting for it and since most major games fork the engine anyhow this would be most helpful to them, but yes, it requires engine source forked from github and probably a merge to the latest version.