Transparent materials that cast a shadow?

Hello, I’ve posted this question on the answer hub, but I feel this will be better for a discussion as to how to make something like this work.

So what I’ve got is a full body skeletal mesh that I want to use in conjunction with a set of first person arms.

As you can see, I’ve set the arm and head to be a different material and have applied the transparency to it. What I don’t want is to have the shadow appear that way as well.

Here is the very basic transparent material that I’ve set up. What can I do to have that transparency draw a shadow as if it were solid?

You know what… I must have been using the wrong key words to search for this topic. I found some stuff and it has pointed me in the right direction to get this going. You can delete the post if need be

Could you probably post a link to those threads that you found so that others can find it more easily? :slight_smile:

Open your character in persona and then you can enable or disable shadows per component same way as you can do with static meshes.

sorry i miss understood your problem i guess it is possible to use smething like “cast shadows as masked” witch you can find in material editor after enabling that option try plunging constant = 1 to opacity mask

I have tried this before. Unfortunately, that options only allows static shadow casting. I am using this for a dynamic skeletal mesh.

The way i’m looking at doing it right now is to have a second full body mesh that is hidden in game and casting hidden shadows. The one that is visible to the players camera will have the translucency masked as posted above.

I guess it wont be much of a performance waste