Transparent material / shadow

Hello all,
I wonder if it’s possible to have a masked material that cast shadow partialy. Same question for an 50% transparent material (and having a grey shadow).

I am using movable light…

Tks for your answers.

To be more precise I illustrate my question with this 2 screenshot :

The material used for the circles :


I want first to have a 50% casted shadow for the circle (it is like curtains or parasol).

Second I want to animate the UV circles size, for exemple when the user click the circle grow larger…

I use a movable sun in my scene.

Thanks for your help!

So… you want the circles to be opaque (that’s how they are in your material) but cast a 50% translucent shadow? I don’t think that’s possible. You should just use the Translucent Blend Mode and create a mask with a grey circle (as grey is between black and white, so 50% transparency).
Also, if you want to resize the circles it would be better if you resized the actor itself rather than the material or you’ll run into problems later on.

Hello and thank you for your help,
I just have found the solution to change dynamically the scale of the circle by using ScaleUVsAroundPoint on the material…

For the 50% translucent shadow, even if I use a grey for the opacity there is no shadows projected. In fact as soon as I switch to Translucent Blend mode I loose the shadows.


Are your glass thingies a movable actor?
I say that because of this: *[FONT=Helvetica Neue]Limitations: Static shadowing from stationary and static lights is currently not handled for lit translucency. However, dynamic shadows from stationary lights is supported. (This is from the documentation.)
*[FONT=Helvetica Neue]So, in order to have translucent shadows in a movable actor, you need to use stationary lights. I’d recommend you populating your scene with a directional light (movable), and then some other support lights to cast the translucent shadows.
I haven’t tested this myself, so I can assure you if it’s going to work or not.

EDIT: Here’s more info

Thank you Keytotruth,
The problem is that I am using a movable sun light and I want it to be my unique light in the level. :confused: