Transparent material - reflection problem.

Hey guys!
I have a material:

It’s look almost good from the dark place, where is no strong reflections:

But in front glass reflecting black rectangle, it changes its position and size depending on the angle of view.
How can I get rid of the black rectangle?

Reflaction parameter:


Hi Allien,

I’m having trouble reproducing this issue. I’d like to assist you with this issue but first I need some information.

  1. What type of lights are you using?
  2. Can you reproduce this issue in a blank project?
  3. Could you post a screen shot showing the Wireframe.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we can work out a solution.

Hi Allien,

After doing some research and getting additional information, I have determined that the issue may be related with how the engine handles refraction.

This has been addressed in 4.13 by offering an additional refraction method that can be selected in the material properties. This should help solve visual artifacts like the one you’re experiencing.

I hope that helps!

  1. Any of types: spot, point, directional, Statick, Stationaty, Movable.
  2. Yes

I can see problem even on material preview window:

[link text][4]