Transparent material and Nanite

Hi everyone,

I noticed that if you try to apply a transparent material to a nanite static mesh like the glass material of the starter content, it doesn’t display properly.

Maybe it makes some sense that it doesn’t work, but it annoys me because in order to make object transparent between the camera and the player, I was using transparent blend mode and it would be great if I could use this + nanite.

Do you have any thoughts on that ?


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As it stands Nanite meshes are incompatible with a number of things of which translucent materials are included.

search for “translucent” and you will easily find this information

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In addition to Nanite not supporting yet translucent materials.
Lumen have also some limitation with this type of materials too.
So, even on non Nanite mesh translucent materials need more work in UE5 for now.

Complete info by Epic here:
Lumen | Inside Unreal - YouTube

And a condensed info by William Faucher here :
Lumen Explained - IMPORTANT Tips for UE5 - YouTube

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hey @Rainbowdash3000 ,

There is a workaround for this.
Whenever you are going to apply this translucent material, right before you do it in the blueprint, just set the “Disallow Nanite” boolean to true.
And vice versa when you are changing it back.
Since my use case needed me to swap materials, i approached this logic.