Transparency question - Equivalent of Unity Cutout shader

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I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction.

I am creating a leaf material for a tree I have and the texture I have made I would normally (in Unity) use a cutout shader to make the parts of the leaf transparent. My material isn’t using an alpha channel but a green colour.

In Unreal this process is done differently. Can anyone shed some light into the equivalent process in Unreal? Or is it just the case you have to use an alpha channel and plug it into opacity?

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Yep, you need a mask texture and then you can set the shader to masked…which is only black and white (cutout so to say) or translucent which allows gradients, but is also not fully working right now. There seem to be a lot of issues with it.

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What issues are you seeing? It’s hard to tell if you are talking about Translucent or Masked materials or Gradients (or all of them).

Sorry for the confusion :smiley:

So to clarify things…

Masked works fine, but only supports black/white textures

Translucent supports grey values for smooth fading gradients, but is pretty buggy atm :wink:

The issue you are probably seeing is that, by default, a Translucent material’s Translucency Lighting Mode is set to “TLM_VolumetricNonDirectional” so it just kind of lights up. Changing it to TLM_Surface usually gets people what they are looking for:


Also, the docs on Lit Translucency have some good information on this.

If you are seeing other specific issues, let us know =)

Cool, thanks for the update on this :slight_smile:

Cheers for the info , I actually figured it out in the end