Transparency affected outlines

Does anyone know how to create outlines around a mesh that are effected by transparent materials? At the moment I’m using the post-process depth method and outlines will appear in front of any level of transparent material (so even 99% opaque materials) and I would really prefer an alternative to this.

Would it be possible to set up a fresnel to accomplish something like this?

If there’s absolutely no alternative it’d be great if anyone could point me towards methods to distinguish curves on a model as I’m using a very stylised art style with flat colours (so bends in walls will sometimes blend together without the outline material).

Hope this makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, I am facing the same problem - need to set an outline for a mesh that uses a translucent material.
Have you found a solution to this?

Hey, the only solution I know is to set “Allow Custom Depth Writes” flag in your Translucent Material settings.


Example: Simple glass material with Outline Post-Process Material:

Thanks, don’t forget to change Opacity Mask Clip Value as well if needed.