Transmission and Caustics in 4.27

So the 4.27 release notes mention this “light transmission with glass (including approximate caustics)”. Does anyone know what this means or how it has been implemented beyond what was in 4.26? I was hoping that some of the features of the NVIDIA caustics build might be included but none of those options seem to be available. I was hoping for coloured shadows at least.

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Dude I’m feeling you and I also have so much excitement about it too, I’ve used NVRTXcaustics and I was hoping someday unreal engine will support built in feature… and you should look at this too:
“GPU Lightmass (Beta) Improvements. GPU Lightmass continues to add improvements with features that include support for a wide range of light parameters, baking for Levels of Detail (LOD) meshes, colored translucent shadows

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Well, baked colored shadows are better than no colored shadows I guess. I won’t be deleting the NVIDIA build any time soon.