translucent skysphere

How do I get the box in the image that is behind the skysphere to render I’ve tried changing the translucent priority order setting of both the skysphere and the box but it makes no difference?!


whats the context here? usually the skysphere is the max level bounds it represents the horizon and theres nothing beyond that or rather if it were the real world nothing relevant.

Hi Thompson,

I need to create a series of mountains that are rendered to infinity, so when the player moves around my map the mountains do not change appearance and aren’t subject to parallax error, ie they can’t use the mountain or it’s dimensions as a landmark reference ie the corner of the mountain is directly above a door or other object in the map.

So we need a point of reference to direction but not the extent the player can use it to directly refer to spatial points in the map, so basically a set of mountains way off in the distance.

As such could you please recommend a way to do this?