Translucent render bug


I’ve tried to make grass / trees with translucent textures but somehow it always give me weird bugs, textures clipping thru each others, etc. First i thought i can’t use two sided for them but as i see it does the same with simple textures too.

Here you can see my grass looks weird at some places, materials clipping thru each others, etc.

Is there any way i can fix this, or maybe it’s a settings error, or i can’t use opacity at all with other opacities behind them?

Hey Ashkandi -

This is a result of how the engine translates translucent depth. In order to determine Z Depth, the engine looks at objects bounds (center point) and draws a line to camera closest is drawn on top. With Translucency, and in particular with translucent objects packed closely together, the bounds often over lap and as you move around in 3D space one may be slightly closer than another and will be drawn on top.

To be direct, this is a limitation currently to how translucency works with Z Depth. The best way around this issue is to use a Masked Material for your foliage which will not cause the same Z Depth issues. If you are wanting some light variation in your foliage I would recommend using a subsurface shader to sell the semi-transparency of foliage.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum