Translucent Particle Shadow Distance?

Hello been looking into making clouds with Translucent Particle Shadow.
As shown in the documentation .

Now i am completely new to making particle effects, so i have only messed around with color on the example content yet.
All works fine until the clouds gets to a certen height over the landscape and they just disappear.

Anyone know if is a way to increase the distance for the shadows?
is a GIF of what’s happening, it just cuts out the shadow.
Also it seems like the size of the cloud effects the distance the shadow have, so the bigger the cloud the shorter the distance.

Also you can see that when coming in closer that the shadow it pops in, like so.

For lighting am ussing the GI soultion explaind on the Wiki Light Propagation Volumes GI.

Anyone know where i can find the settings for all this?
Thank you, for any advice.