translucent meshes too bright

i have mesh asset made of 2 IDs exported form 3ds max. One material ID is ordinary simple gray material. Second one is translucent material that is way too bright in shadows. Please look at the screenshot. I prefer not to use deffered decals as i would like to add these kind of details a lot more, and i don’t think putting that many decals on the scene would be healthy for performance. Can you help me figure it out what is wrong with it? Or is there other way to make this effect?

Shadows are rendered correctly using static light, just the leak texture is way too bright.


Hi! Try to set in material Translucency->Lighting Mode->Surface TranslucencyVolume (or Surface PerPixel with r. ForwardLighting 1). However translucent mesh doesn’t work with lighting good enough and it’s costly. Maybe masked material with dithering will fit your needs.

You might want to do some stress testing with decals and this approach first, as I would actually expect decals to be cheaper.

As translucency is very expensive to render in a deferred renderer, you are basically redoing all the lighting calculations for your overlay, in a more expensive way. Decals on the other hand simply overwrite some of the gbuffers and as such only have to calculate the lighting once.

thanks guys for the help, will try both! thanks again!

One more question. Is Masked alpha also as expensive? Using it in same scenario as is in my example would look horrible but i can find uses for it elsewhere. How bad idea is it to use strips of geo with Opacity mask?

As Arnage said, best choise for you is deferred decals. Also, you can use plains (and other shapes) with masked material, which a little bit more expensive than opaque material (but way cheaper compared to translucent). To reduce effect of ragged edges you can try to connect alpha texture through “DitherTemporalAA” node.

Again, thanks man! That ‘DitherTemporalAA’ solved it! Thanks!