Translucent materials and Z-Buffer limitation?


Translucent materials aren’t recognized by the Z-buffer, this makes GPU particle collisions via scene buffer and DOF post process unworkable. Is this a current limitation or is there a workaround?


not entirely sure on the exact combination of things that do not work for you and what result you want/are getting, but did you try to uncheck “seperate translucency” in the material of the particles?

Imagine you have a surface of water (translucent material), I would like to have gpu particles fall and stick to the surface just as they do on other static objects (non translucent) but since gpu particles work on scene depth (distance field option could be performance heavy) they are not sticking onto the surface because the translucent materiel of the water is not recognized by the scene depth due to a limitation? not sure what “separate translucency” purpose is but it made no difference here. also DOF doesn’t seem to work on translucent materials, I read through other threads that again this is an issue with the zbuffer not recognizing the object with the translucency applied hence not rendering DOf.