Translucent material rendering

I need help with translucent material. My problem is that material generates crazy textures behind that material (stairs or floors in house)

I dont need to use translucency pretty much in my game which im working on, but i need transparent walls for gameplay reasons.
Masked material gives me good results, but i need that “hardness” around sphere because without it that transparency looks bad.
Is there some way how to hack masked material to use hardness parameter? (Or how to solve that translucent material).

I will be very thankful for any help, 20 hours im working on it and without any good results. (sort translucency in project engine options not helped)

Hello Name368,

If I am understanding your problem correctly, then using a fully translucent material you can reach a partial solution with this setup:

As you can see this is a fully translucent material. The masking is done using an alpha. The problem is that it does not interact with cast shadows correctly. These are the results:

Using a masked material will not give you translucency.

The only true solution to your problem is to use a multi-sub object material. You will have two material elements in the details panel. You can just have the outside material opaque and the inside material translucent.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: