Translucent Material Rendering Over Particle Effects

Hey there,

I’m currently using a translucent water material and an explosion particle effect pack I bought from the UE4 Marketplace for a cinematic I’m working on. However, the explosions do not render over the translucent water material - here are some images to show you what I mean (opaque water vs translucent water).

Opaque Water

Translucent Water

I’ve tried adjusting the sorting orders so that the explosion particle effects render over the water, but for some reason the particle effects are still not rendering over the water.

How can I get these two working together? Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem besides making the water opaque?

Any help would be much appreciated!

You could try having the water material’s “separate translucency” flag off and the particles “on”. You can also try changing the pivot of your water mesh to force it to be sorted behind the particles.

Hey Manoel.Neto, sorry for the late reply - turning off the “Separate Translucency” flag off worked! Thanks for the help!