Translucent material get bright at certain camera angles

I can’t figure out why this translucent material I have gets bright at certain angles. When the camera is far away it looks how it shows in image A. But when the camera is near it or at certain angles, it turns very bright like in image B.

I’ve tried disconnecting all the pins in the material editor and it still happens so I attached a screenshot of the settings for the material. I’ve tried changing several of them with no luck.

Any ideas?

Here is another example of the issue that shows it even better. The image on the left and right I’ve changed nothing other than slightly moving the camera to the right.

If you want it to look black at all angles, you can try these:

  • Use Unlit shading model if you need no interaction with light on this material

  • Use a lower specular value(default is 0.5)

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