Translucent material flickering


I’m getting a problem with the glass of a door.
It’s the same glass material (Translucent blend mode) of the facade but, when I see it from different points of views, it disappears.
The door is a blueprint actor that opens and closes, so it’s a different mesh from the facade one.
If the glass mesh is part of the facade, the flickering doesn’t happen but obviously I can’t open the door anymore.

Also I noticed that if I hide the level foliage, I don’t get the flickering.
The foliage is full of plants (which have materials with opacity). There’s a big patch of grass behind the point of view I uploaded, and other green areas around the level.

Thanks for your help!!


it looks like it’s an actor ID problem.
The glass that doesn’t flicker is a Static Mesh Actor with ID 100 or similar.
The flickering glass is a blueprint I added much later, with ID 4000.

In fact, if I delete the ID 100 actor and place it again in the level, It gets ID >4000 and starts flickering.

Maybe actors with high ID get “rendered” later and if they have translucent materials they show this kind of problem?
Can I edit the blueprint actor ID to be lower?