Translucency sort order impossible on 360° turntable?


I am doing a car configurator type scenario where user can view a vehicle from any desired angle. The vehicle has the usual glass windows as well as some glass elements inside. I can not for the love of god figure out how to do transparency sorting of Surface TranslucencyVolume materials here. It just makes no sense. I’ve already messed up my setup by separating individual pieces of windows into individual separate meshes, which complicated scene management a lot, and yet custom transparency sorting is still invalid, since the direction of camera, and therefore depth order of the windows changes.

How is this usually done in UE4? I’ve seen lots of car configurator videos, but I have no idea how anyone could solve the translucency depth sort problem :frowning:

@Rawalanche I don’t think you can do it with sort order. You’ll need masking also. For instance a sphere mask on the viewer’s side of the car. Everything within the mask becomes transparent. That way you’re relying on distance to set transparency, rather than sort order.

As far as i know you only are able to solve it via clever fixed sorting values. Also check your project settings since you can change Translucency sorty behavoir there as well.

Here is a link that might help you :

Separate each glass into separate draw call and let it be distance sorted properly.

Thanks, that was eventually a way to go. It’s a bit limiting workflow, having to dice everything up into separate meshes, but at least it worked. Thank you once again :slight_smile: