Translucency Paper Material

Hi All!
I’ve been struggling with a material in Unreal Engine 5 for a week now. Namely, I’m trying to make a paper that will scatter light so that the inside of a room will be bright.

Now, I have a question: how to make such a material and what settings should I use? I have already tried using subsurface scattering, which doesn’t seem to work yet in ue5

I have also looked at Translucency with such settings and the effect was not impressive either. Also i’m new to unreal engine so i might not have given required information, so if something more is needed i will add it

Best option is to just fake it by using rect lights.

Unreal doesn’t really do physical lighting. Of any kind…

The new volume or whatever other shader type thing is seems promising though.

If you need a screencap and raytracing is an option you can try the nvidia caustic branch.

I think you can leverage that to get the light through things functionality working - at something like 2fps probably.