Translucency Order Doesn't Care Much.

Not sure if I should make a new one or throw it in the other one. I had transparency issues before. Someone said check out order ,and I did it worked well for most things. However still not working in some areas.

This planet is completely opaque, default lit, spec and metal set at zero. The only thing with translucency is the palm leaves that are blue, the water that is the ocean and the cloud layer in front of the planets.

I will go down the list of settings I have done for the ring planets. Order 1200, 2500, 5, 9, -2500, it all comes out the same. For some reason I can see the sky box behind it. I changed the skybox order again nothing happened.

The palm leaves have an obvious effect when I change the order something around 5 or 0 even 100 is pretty much non existent they had to be set to 1200 to exist properly.

The Ocean never really needed to be set its order is 0. I seem to have this issue with another planet set at 15 which it seemed fine til now. Changing its settings does nothing as well.

So any other bloody options or is this going to be how it is for no bloody reason?

If you wondering I deleted the translucent cloud sphere and it did nothing.

It is in the proper place. I have been fiddling with materials and somehow two opaques equals invisible planet. I will toss in the orbits so you can see they are inside the box. I could close it to make them circles but this method helps with something else.