Translucency (glass) material ray traced

Why when i enabling raytraced translucency gi and reflections start render in raytraced mode?

I encounter similar problems. As soon as I switch the Translucency type from Raster to Raytracing in PostProcessVolume the scene looks completely flawed.

Anyone know how to have both Lumen GI and Reflections and RT Translucency in UE5?

I hope these issue will be fixed soon in upcoming releases.

From what I’ve read and tested it seems it’s not possible to do ray traced translucency and Lumen at the same time. From what they said in the last Inside Unreal stream I got that the previous ray tracing capabilities from UE4 are being marked as deprecated because those ray tracing functionalities are going to be integrated into Lumen, but it’s still work in progress. I’m guessing at this point you have to either use Lumen for everything (GI, reflections and translucency) or turn off Lumen and switch to the ray traced (deprecated) lighting methods.

me too, when I switch to ray tracing translucency not raster, the translucency objects became odd, like no alpha, shadow was flat, and the noise around the object surface.