Translate the Unreal Engine 4 into Russian language!

I think if you will translate engine in Russian language, then in Russia and neighboring countries, it will become more popular. it’s profitable. given the fact that in Russian say a lot of people, about 250 million people.
P.S: I do not know much English, sorry for mistakes

Tim Sweeney have asked Russian community about UE4 localization and the majority(As far as I can tell) of Russian users were against this, but in favor of tutorial and documentation localization.
Check it out for yourself!

Разработчики спрашивали мнение у русскоязычного сообщества и большинство хотело локализации документации и уроков, но при этом сам движок оставить англоязычным, ибо куча терминов непереводима и т.д.
Собственно вот само обсуждение](Вопрос-от-Тима-Суини-о-русскоязычной-документации-локализации-движка)

Lol, I feel like half of the posts in that thread are from spam accounts, like 30 accounts in that thread have only 1 post…

I don’t think so, most of them just register to get access to engine and doesn’t use forum.

Okay, i’ll do the start.

Launch = Bljed, start
Verifying = Dawai cyka
Library = Dawai, idisuda projekta, bljed

Sorry, i’m a CS player.

It’s not a spam, people reposted this thread to Russian social network in Russian UE4 community and asked to reply here if they were interested

Oh my bad. But it really is interesting to see how many people are from other cultures/regions here on the forums.

Работая в русском UE, ты только через 0.92 секунды осознаешь, что “Глянцевость” в UE Russian Edition и “Glossy” из твоего любимого Blender 3D - это одно и тоже. А сколько таких 0.92 секунд может быть за все время твоей работы над проектом? Подумай над этим, школота. Лучше выучи Английский. Только документация. Только хардкор.