Transitioning from VR experience to Varjo headset live feed?

Hi there,

I’m facing a challenge here. I’ve downloaded the Varjo example project where you can switch to the live feed of the headset with the B letter. So far, everything works. What I did then was putting a black sphere, so when the user starts the application will see nothing but black, and then bound a key to hide that geometry, so you can basically toggle from a black environment to the live feed of the Varjo headsets. That works.

Here’s my question, if anyone has experience with this headset. What I want to do now is creating a fade for that transition. I don’t want to go abruptly from black to live feed. I want to slowly transition, so what I tried for now is this:

• Creating a fade to black in the sequencer and reproduce that with a keyboard key. Doesn’t work. In VR , it goes to black, not to Varjo’s live feed.

• Creating a material parameter collection and making the opacity of the sphere a scalar parameter, so I can then use it in the sequencer to animate it. The problem with this is that as soon as I change the material of the sphere to translucent to get the opacity, I cannot see that when I’m in VR. I only see live feed. I can see that the opacity animation works, but only when I have a solid background behind, like another sphere, but not with the live feed.

So I’m running out of ideas here. Has anyone attempted something similar? It would be great to hear about other experiences!