Transition slowdowns root motion, if the same cached poses are used


So the title says it all, but here is my example.

State machine:

Used cache poses: (both use the same run animation with root motion enabled)


State2: (yes, just the same cached pose)

As a result, during a transition from State1 to State2, you can notice that root motion is losing its velocity. BUT, if I will use RunSlow2_CP in State2 - everything will work just great without any loss in root motion speed. What is more, an issue will not occur if I will be using animations directly without saving them to cached poses.

Any help? Or is it an expected functionality. If it is - why?

NOTE 1: Obviously, this is just an example - I don’t want to transition between the same animations. What I am looking for, is something closer to this:

NOTE 2: Project is huge. Yes, I have to use cached poses. No, I don’t want to make copies of the same animations into multiple cache poses.


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