Transition between team select and character select [Multiplayer]

Hello guys. I’m completely stuck right now. I’ve tried a lot of things but I don’t know how to make it works.

I’m doing a little battle arena multiplayer online game for my school final project. The users can chose between create a new session or look for a created one. That’s working fine, one player can create the session and the other players can join it. I’m loading the map where will be the match, but players can not see it because they have a widget to select the team and just the host can start the match. This is working too, the players can chose the team they want. The problem comes now, when the host press the button to continue and it’s supposed to load the hero select widget to every player. It is working for the host, the widget it’s loading on his screen, he can chose the hero and spawn, but the clients are not doing that transition, they are stuck on the team select.

I’ve made this character blueprint who is used by the users while the game starts. The team selection widget it’s created at the event “begin play”.

Custom Character: BP_CharTest

When the host press the button to continue to the hero select, I’m doing this:

Team Select Widget

Custom GameState: GS_Test

Custom GameMode: GM_Test

Custom PlayerState: PS_Test

So I’m doing: Widget → GameState → GameMode → PlayerState

The event of the PlayerState it’s the same of the one in the Character, I tried to call it on the PS or the Character, but It’s not working on the clients anyways.

It’s my first time doing a multiplayer project and I need your help because I’ve been trying a lot of stuffs for 3 days and I couldn’t make it works.

Hope you can help me, thank you so much!