Transition between opaque and translucent materials

Hi all,

I need to figure out a way to transition between an opaque and translucent material on a skeletal mesh based on an event trigger. I understand that this isn’t possible in one material, but what about if I had a dissolve effect on the base mesh to fade it out and then fading in a copy of the same mesh with the translucent material assigned?

I made a proof of concept with two skeletal meshes on top of each other which looks fine, just wondering if its possible to create instances of my character mesh that will copy all its movements like ragdoll and animation etc?

any thoughts or suggestions very welcome, thanks :slight_smile:

The easiest way to do it is to use two materials, but one mesh.

One material is the normal player material, the other is the translucent material, but with the opacity set to 1, and the special effects turned off.

Swap materials and then you can change the opacity and effect amount.

Here’s an example: