Transform my Game into VR

Hello Ladies and Gents’

I have a quick question about VR. My project is mostly set and ready to go. For the desktop-computer. Now i want it to be played within Visual Reality. (VR)

Can you give me a quick overview, what i would have to do for that? Its probably not that easy to just add more inputs (instead of Leftclick something on the VR controller) right?

would really appreciate the help

thanks in advance

Setup Visual Reality … hmmm … i have to look into this.

virtual, yea you got me :smiley: but pls help :smiley:

hehe -

I have done this, kinda.
What i did was use the VR template and then slowly pull all my current information over to the player character and the gamemode
What i was really looking to do was a “check” to see if VR=ACTIVE" and then if it was, switch over to VR_GameMode and VR_PlayerCharacter
that didnt endup working out in the time frame i had, so, i pushed it off. but i did get it working in my project

Okay that shouldnt be a problem if I have to start “2different games”

Okay, so I will go into a new project, hit VR template with the setup epicgames-wiki tells me

  1. copy all the stuff over (is there a way to copy widgets and stuff? or do i need to create everything new)

  2. connect new inputs like controllers and so on instead of mouse clicks and keyboardbuttons

Then it should be fine? I’m really new to VR but my schedule is short also … sooo i need to know what to do as quickly as i can find the information :smiley: thats why i sound really needy here ^^ (i am right now lol)

Move the VR character into your current project would be easier.

As for the resy it depends a lot on the specifics of your game. Just adding VR is easy. Adding good VR is another matter.

What do you hope to achieve with the VR mode and why is the time short?

You don’t need a separate VR version.

BTW, which platforms are you targeting? It makes a big difference.

Without knowing anything about your project, I doubt you’re going to be able to just “activate VR”. It may be easy to get it running on an HMD, but controller and game mechanics are way different and adjusting is going to take time. Not even talking about performance.

What’s your setup and game like?

Actually for me its pretty complex, but i guess for others its just basic stuff… so whats going on in my project:

theres a scene with a house, multiple machines (robots/factorystuff, nothing too fancy) and different rooms. I have roomnames popping up in widgets and am using multiple widgets for different menus and kind of stuff. the big ingame “actions” are grabbing machines and putting them somewhere else. and (if i can figure out how i convert my monitor coordinates into world coordinates) a measure-tool where you click 2 points and get the distance.

This is pretty much the biggest stuff happening there. Now i have a lot of menus opening up on E, P, L … .etc and my grabbing works with my mousecursor. obvisouly i want this with VR stuff to be happening. either oculus or vive

If you use screen space UMG widgets, those will have to be converted to 3D widgets. Reworking the controls could be relatively easy or difficult depending on the specifics. Keyboard buttons will havd to go, but that will be the least of your concerns.

It will be a significant process for you to learn and implement the needed systems. You will need ongoing help from an expert if it is crucial to get VR in quickly.

(Your measurement problem is easier. Implement a 'laser pointer". Get 3d coirdinates from its position.)