Transform Bone Replication causes Jitter on client side

Hi All,

I am experimenting with a procedural aiming system using “Bone Transform” together with “FABRIK”. Everything works fine in singleplayer. However, when I try to replicate the animation adjustments to the network, it causes a jitter effect on the client side only. The server sees the animations smoothly (enough).

Here are two comparison videos:

How I replicate:
Instead of doing the calculations in my interface function, I run them in the Player BP on tick and send them straight to the Anim BP. Transform Bone (the one that causes problems) is set on server while FABRIK is set on client only. Replication works totally fine - just that the client has a severe jitter effect (looks like a slight delay to me)

What I have tried:

  • change rotation settings in both controller and player
  • tried different replication setups (player replicates, skeletal mesh component and movement component do not as it had no effect; movement of player is set to be replicated)
  • tested all available tick groups to no avail
  • changed network update frequency and priority as well as quantization levels
  • played around in the “networking” section of the character movement component as well
  • I even added a slight delay to the anim BP (less, equal and more than tick delta seconds)

I have also reversed the information flow: Instead of the player BP calling the anim BP I turned it around with no effect…

=> I surely have not tried every thinkable combination of what is possible so if you have any ideas or wanna share what helped in your case, I would be very grateful!

EDIT: I am thinking: Can I just setup a different animation for the server (i.e. the other clients in the game)? I need one to be replicated, but it doesn’t have to be as precise as the one the owner has to see