Transform a FVector property to Local or World Space

You can use Compose transform in the kismet library.

Just make a transform for your vector with scale 1 and compose it to your actor world transform.
Get the location from the result and you should have your world position.

Hi guys.

I have a question regarding some FVectors properties that have the meta = (MakeEditWidget = true) in their properties tag, Basically I’m moving this vector to point into certain position where I want to move the player after he does certain interactions in the level, so I’m looking for a way to transform these vectors to World space or local space so the values actually make sense when working with these values, since the current vector values are tied to it’s parent so it’s not the real local space or world space. So is there anyway to transform these into World or Local space?

Here are a pair of screenshots:

Thank you.

Thank you, I will test this and let you now

Hi HarryHighDef.

So this is what I did to transform the information before it’s given to the actor, is this what you meant?

FTransform PortalTransform = GetTransform();
					FTransform StartLocalToWorld = FTransform(FRotator::ZeroRotator, StartPoint, FVector::OneVector);
					FTransform MiddleLocalToWorld = FTransform(FRotator::ZeroRotator, MiddlePoint, FVector::OneVector);
					FTransform EndLocalToWorld = FTransform(FRotator::ZeroRotator, EndPoint, FVector::OneVector);

					StartLocalToWorld = UKismetMathLibrary::ComposeTransforms(PortalTransform, StartLocalToWorld);
					MiddleLocalToWorld = UKismetMathLibrary::ComposeTransforms(PortalTransform, MiddleLocalToWorld);
					EndLocalToWorld = UKismetMathLibrary::ComposeTransforms(PortalTransform, EndLocalToWorld);

And in the receiber I got the Location for each of does transformed values. Thank you for the help.