Transferring ShooterGame Ammo Counter to UMG

Hey there, I’m currently trying to transfer the data kept in the ‘Weapon Config’ under int32 AmmoInClip and Int32 TotalAmmo

I managed to open up the players health to UMG via UPROPERTY, but I can’t seem to do the same for the ammo counter?

I’m not trying to change the data in anyway, just display the data entered into the config in the weapon’s Blueprints under the Weapon Config section and display it on my UserWigit so I can remove the ShooterGame’s ammo HUD.

Has anyone managed to do this? Or could help me out?

Finally worked it out. All that was needed to be done is call a UFUNCTION (not property like I was stupidly doing), include the inventory, then connect the player pawn, cast to the character, get the weapon and finally the Ammo counter.

Now it all works perfectly. :smiley:

Im stuck in the same situation, I have no idea what you mean by call a UFUNCTION though. Care to elaborate ?
Thanks in advance.