transferring lighting from one map to another

Hello everyone, on the open spaces of the marketplace I found a pack and a demo map in it, I really liked the lighting on it, and I wanted to do the same on my map, but I ran into the problem that just copying the values ​​of all the elements (post-process, etc.) does not help, everything looks awful. Is there any way to copy the lighting settings from one map to another, thanks!


If you set your scene the exact same way (skylight, sky, all lights /intensity, color, angle, distance…) + similar resolution lightmaps for your meshes + same lightmass settings as the original scene, you should get the similar lighting result!

Well the most common trick is to take all of your basic lighting stuff and place them into it’s own level stream. You can then load it up as a persistent level and migrate it to your project folder and add it as a level stream in your project and change the streaming type to always loaded.