Transfer from Blender to UE4.26

So the tutorial from YouTube (attached below) went step by step on how to create this glowing orb with a rendering which displays a dissipation effect. Anyhow, the staff and orb are not “joined” as is an option in blender. Of course around the orb, after some staff editing, the staff itself nearly holds purpose of the orb being attached. Yet merely construed that way. So: after importing it to UE4.26 it shows two different parts to put into the level, the orb and the staff. The orb itself isn’t yellow nor does it dissipate ; and show the rendering out on the playing field. With intention to edit a staff base into it, to z-brush(perhaps) the staff for some texturing, I’m thinking this could be an epic staff. Yet an FBX file transfer did not work for the dissipation(the actuality of a glowing and moving orb light). Assuming someone knows and solves the solution soon, I wait patiently and attempt the base of the staff.
If the staff and orb are merged the entirety changes into the rendering as such with the yellow intensity.