Transcluent Vs Masked Blend Mode

Could someone give me a feedback on this post: Link to the post

Does that mean that the preformance is actualy better when using transcluent rather than masked blend mode?

Thx for an answear but I don’t realy know what early z pass or z prepass is. I googled it a bit but haven’t been able to find a simple explanation for it. Would you mind giving me one?

Depth prepass, is a feature, that allows you cut down rendering costs. Before rendering the scene properly, it quickly renders it with a cheap shader, that outputs only depth. Later this depth information is used to skip expensive pixel shader computations on parts of the objects, that are hidden behind other objects.

Masked blend mode with early z pass should be considerably cheaper than translucent. Without Z pre-pass it is not much of a difference. It is not always the case though.

What about overdraw? Does masked have overdraw with the early z pass?