traning course help

hi I have taken on the job of producing a VR experience for a exaptation stand early next year. and need to find someone who can come and do a training course with me on unreal engine?

I have been predesign event visuals for the past 9 years so am used to working in 3D packages Like Cinema 4D. I am very new to unreal and need to get up to speed.

I am based in the midlands UK but could travel for the wright course. can anybody help?

I don’t offer courses, but I have a question for you. Is your VR project something that you need people to walk around in like in a game or just stand there look around in 360 VR? If it’s just the 360 option then Cineversity has a great plugin called VR-Cam. You can only get this by being a premium member of the training site. If you have the MSA for C4D then you already are a premium member. It’s not as cool as using UE to move around, but it creates good results. I built a car showroom render out with this plug-in for use with all the viewers like Google Cardboard, ViewMaster, Samsung Gear, etc. It also works just in YouTube with the mouse or you phone without the viewer.

You can view it here:

If you’re on a mobile device, you must be on WiFi to get the full effect. Always run VR in 4K mode in YouTube or it will be jaggy. Good luck!